An OCD moment, brought to you by the makers of Tic-Tac, the just-under-2-calorie breath mint.

My sister and her family are in town visiting me for a few days, which is why you’re getting this short OCD post rather than a story about how Satan tried to destroy my Easter.  That story will wait for another day.

Today’s story is about Tic-Tacs and insanity.

You see this pack of Tic-Tacs?

Contaminated Tic-Tacs that will likely poison me.

Unless you’re color-blind like my one brother-in-law (the idiot savant), you’ll notice the one green Tic-Tac in the pack of white Tic-Tacs.  I bought a four-pack that was completely wrapped and didn’t see this when I purchased it.  I don’t buy irregular things because my OCD doesn’t let me.

I cannot eat these Tic-Tacs and let me tell you why.  Here’s what I think happened.

Joe the Serial Killer who works at the Tic-Tac manufacturing plant wants to kill people.  One day he’s working on the green Tic-Tac assembly line and decides to grab a green Tic-Tac to take home and paint with a coating of cyanide.  Unfortunately, when he returns to work the next day, he’s assigned to work on the white Tic-Tac assembly line.  However, unwilling to wait until his shift brings him back to the green Tic-Tac assembly line, he opts to insert one green Tic-Tac into a package of white Tic-Tacs hoping that the idiot who purchases them will just assume that there was some sort of benign screw-up at the Tic-Tac plant.  Said idiot will eat the green Tic-Tac and die an incredibly painful death.

Well, Joe the Tic-Tac Serial Killer, you have met your match.  I am not an idiot and I will not eat that green Tic-Tac.

I wish I were kidding.

P.S.  When did Tic-Tacs stop being the “One-and-a-half-calorie breath mint”?


5 thoughts on “An OCD moment, brought to you by the makers of Tic-Tac, the just-under-2-calorie breath mint.

  1. I can honestly say that never would have occurred to me. I can also honestly say I will never eat any mints out of an irregular Tic Tac package again. I might have to swear off Tic Tacs completely, except this Joe guy probably already got fired and works at the gum factory by now.

  2. Did you ever think that Joe coated all the white ones with cyanide and then added a green one that was uncoated? Joe happens to be an expert in OCD and knows that most OCD-ers would throw away the green one and gulp down the rest. Now you will probably throw away the whole pack. Actually the CEO of Tic-Tac came up with this idea to increase sales.

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