A Sure Sign of Armageddon.

The Good One had a soccer game this morning, and The Beast had his best day ever! I  had to put him in timeout once for putting his foot over the white sideline after I told him he could not go on the field (he’s very much a boundary-pusher), but other than that, the child was an angel.

Or a relative angel.

Or less a minion of the devil.

I’m pretty sure this means the end is nigh.

Assuming “nigh” means near.

Either way, Satan’s Hot Pocket is cold and he’s wearing boots because it’s snowing in Hell.

5 thoughts on “A Sure Sign of Armageddon.

  1. Perhaps his angelic behavior was due to Granny hovering around him while carrying a big stick. Just asking. Granny has a way of instilling terror into misbehaving grandkids.

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