Postette about popcorn.

This is The Beast inside his corn drawer.  He’ll sit in there for an hour and just dump corn back and forth between cups.

Out of concern that he would get corn in his ears if he dumped the corn over his head, I told him that if he got corn in his ears, birds would come into the house and peck at his ears.

Not my most proud “Mom” moment.  It is what it is.

After asking me several times if the birds would eat his head, and after being reassured that they would not eat his head, he promptly shoved a corn kernel up his nose.

Touché, you evil genius, touché.

6 thoughts on “Postette about popcorn.

  1. In your defense, those are the EXACT dangers our kids need to be aware of.

    My 17yo daughter still brings up the Halloween when she was 4 and kept changing her mind on her costume (AFTER I’d already purchased her 1st AND 2nd choices). She desperately wanted to be Frankenstein, but I was able to talk her out of it by explaining how we’d have to screw bolts into her neck.

    You do whatchya gotta do.

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